Getting english results for Annotations

Hi, why do I get annotation results in english even if I index a video on a different language? For example: I'm from Brazil, when I upload a video for indexing, I choose Portuguese as my source language. All results returns in Portuguese, like transcripts, faces and keywords, except for the keywords that returns in english. If I choose English as the source language and changes to Portuguese results in VI interface, the annotations are translated properly. Looks like the annotations language is english by default, even if I choose Portuguese as the source language. So, there's a fix for this problem? I'm attaching a print screen to illustrate the situation. Thank you in advance.



    PS: Annotations = Labels **"except for the keywords that returns in english" ==> except for the labels that returns in english
    Posted by Hidden Mon, 17 Dec 2018 18:27:04 GMT

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