Embed player and insights

Hello, We used the API to build embed urls for player and insights for private videos. With the trial it worked with "www.videoindexer.ai" domain. With a paid instance in northeurope it doesn't work but it works if we use "ne.videoindexer.ai" domain instead... However we didn't found any documentation about that, is it an issue on your side or do we have to change the domain regarding the AMS instance location ? If we have to change it, can you provide a list of location and the corresponding domain so we can maintain it ? Or an API endpoint to call to have the domain to use ? We currently build the embed URL ourselves, however you perhaps have an API endpoint that build it for us with the correct path/location/accountId/videoId and one access token ? Thanks for your help.


    Hello, any update about that ? Thanks.
    Posted by Hidden Mon, 14 Jan 2019 13:28:22 GMT

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