More than 50% the famous brands cannot be identified:

More than half of the famous brands in the vedio cannot be identified: A total of 55 brands, 26 brands identified,29 brands unrecognized: 29 unrecognized brands: apple, firrfox, starbucks, disney, nokia, lego, twitter, volkswagen, snapchat, playboy, KFC, discovery, burger king, adidas, shell, ikea, nestle, pepsi, AT&T, FedEx, GE, heineken, mazda, lay's,Instagram, Procter & Gamble, IBM, xerox, nike (6 recognized brands which only show in the beginning segment:Marks & Spencer,Sainsbury's,MasterCard,Tesco,Sony,Barclays) this vedio come fromn: also,the results form json "sentiments" were strange. 3 "sentiments" in total, 2 of them were wrong. like the "sentiments" in json,"id":0 should be "Positive" instead of "Negative",and "id":2 should be "Neutral" instead of "Positive".



    Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. It is noteworhty that VI's brand detector leverages the transcription and OCR text and not brands' logos. That said, VI relies on context to disambiguate apple the fruit from Apple the company. In videos with poor context the accuracy of brand detection heavily relies on the OCR quality.
    Posted by Hidden Sun, 03 Mar 2019 14:47:40 GMT

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