Embeeded VideoPlayer cannot open the indexed video.

I have successful indexed many videos via API. I can see containers in my azure blob storage with names "asset-GUID" which was made by the videoindexer, and I can also get additional artifacts by the videoId via API. But the embeeded video player cannot open any video by URL obtained by the API request "https://api.videoindexer.ai/..../{videoId}/PlayerWidget". The embeeded video player shows 404 error. My video indexer account=08062dad-ede2-4e3f-817b-b51b4aa115c4, storage account name=mediaarchivefesco. The same code works well with another trial account. What is the cause of the problem?


    Hi, I am checking the issue In the meantime please try to embed with the following url: https://www.videoindexer.ai/embed/player/{accountId}/{videoId}/?accessToken={accessToken}
    Posted by Hidden Fri, 29 Mar 2019 13:14:53 GMT

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