Deleting specific keywords does not delete them from the response

Hi all, First of all, sorry about the fact that this is posted under Authorization API. It is the only option I have. Secondly, my issue is that when I delete specific keywords from the user interface they do not get deleted from the JSON response of the video. I would like it so that I can have a bit of control over which keywords appear for each of my videos. For example, I had a keyword 'symbol' and when I deleted using the GUI I was still able to search for the word 'symbol' using the 'GET{location}/Accounts/{accountId}/Videos/Search?query=symbol' endpoint. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    Hi, Thanks for reporting this issue. Are you the owner of the video? In any case, a possible fix will be available very shortly. Please let us know in a couple of days if the issue persists. Thanks.
    Posted by Hidden Mon, 01 Apr 2019 07:40:50 GMT
    I am the owner of the video. Thanks for the response. I'll post back in a few days.
    Posted by Hidden Mon, 01 Apr 2019 14:47:53 GMT

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