Timeline changes are not saved

Hi, in AMS VideoIndexer in the timeline the text is edited and loading info is no longer displayed so it should be saved, when I then close the EditMode the edited text is gone and the original text is there again. If I don't end the EditMOde directly but first switch to the tab Insights and then back to TimeLine and then end the EditMode the text will be saved. Also when editing many rows and there is an issue that when one row save is finish it reset the editing from my current row that is not yet saved. location is northeurope, account id is d94adfac-1845-4c5d-88ed-44c8b3154c3e thx



    Hi, Thanks for pointing this out. We have identified the bug and working to fix this As a temporary workaround you can leave the edit icon clicked. The change you made is saved though and if you refresh the page you will see it. Sorry for the inconvinience Ori Video Indexer Team
    Posted by Hidden Wed, 15 May 2019 19:08:39 GMT

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