Why does the video not playback on the rendered file emailed to me? Insights are great! Can you access my file via the link to check? I am a journalism leturer at Hong Kong Baptist University. I seem to be able to sign in with my university email. Does that mean my students too can have free access? I will also check with oir IT office. Butplease help with playback speed fact it does not play back at all


    Hey! Can you please change the privacy of your video to public for investigation? About your students - sure! everyone can create a free account. If you want them to see your videos - you can or change video privacy to 'public' and send them a link like you did now, or invite your student to your account with the 'Invite Others' button (Foynd on the top right corner).
    Posted by Hidden Mon, 24 Jun 2019 11:03:34 GMT

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