Difference between Cognitive service and Video Indexer

We are currently using Azure Cognitive services to: - track faces in our videos - extract faces and detect age, gender, emotion frame by frame - group faces to "identity" persons in the video (we just need to know that person A appears in frame x, y and z) - detect labels (environment, etc) So I was wondering if Cognitive services is superseded by Video Indexer and only Video Indexer will get all the improvements from now on? Also, if I am supposed to use Video Indexer, can I require just the features I am interested on? E.g I do not need indexing, search, audio transcription and more.


    Well Video Indexer is a Service Composed by Cognitive Services and other services... So what you have already is your Custom Video Indexer. Video Indexer is a Product that avoid you to do all the work by yourself.
    Posted by Hidden Tue, 06 Aug 2019 15:20:18 GMT

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