We cannot log in to our test subscription. We have tried the c# code in your documentation and also using the Flow template entitle "Email me when the Video Indexer has finished processing a video" The documentation we are following is located at: This is the error message: System.Threading.Tasks.Task\TResult\>.Result.get returned "{\"ErrorType\":\"USER_NOT_ALLOWED\",\"Message\":\"User not allowed to modify account '8b3b7510-f8a6-4173-bfd1-a8486fe5b256'.\"}"


    Hi, By "We cannot log in to our test subscription" what do you mean? Are you refering to the fact that you can't sign in and see your account in In order to help we will need a sample code of your code. PLEASE make sure you avoid placing and secrets or sensetive data in and information you share with us.
    Posted by Hidden Sat, 23 Nov 2019 10:15:37 GMT

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