Update-Video-Index what can it actually patch?

Trying to update anything using Update-Video-Index apart from the example given in api docu, nothing else seems to work, and get; { "ErrorType": "JSON_PATCH_UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION", "Message": "Unsupported JSON Patch path, Operation provided is {\"value\":\"lorem ipsum\",\"path\":\"/videos/0/metadata\",\"op\":\"replace\"}" } Tried to patch metadata; [ { "value": "lorem ipsum", "path": "/videos/0/metadata", "op": "replace" } ] Tried to patch name; { "ErrorType": "JSON_PATCH_UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION", "Message": "Unsupported JSON Patch path, Operation provided is {\"value\":\"lorem ipsum\",\"path\":\"/name\",\"op\":\"replace\"}" }


    Hi, Thanks for reaching out! The new Update-Video-Index is designed to whitelist only updates we support and our backend knows how to handle without causing issues. This is why you get the error. At the moment, we only allow replacing the text of transcript lines and OCE instances. You can request new patch scenarios in our UserVoice: https://cognitive.uservoice.com/forums/598144-video-indexer
    Posted by Hidden Fri, 10 Jan 2020 06:45:54 GMT

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