Increase throttle limits for upload

Hi Video Indexer team, is there any way for us to increase the throttle limits for uploading videos? Due to the nature of our service, we will have a sudden burst on the amount of videos needed to be processed.


    Hi, Thanks for reaching out! There isn't a way to increase the throttle limits for uploading videos. Currently we support 50 videos per hour. We're constantly working on improving the performance and scalability of our backend, at the moment in order to make sure accounts can't become "noisy neighbours" we allow 50 videos per hour to each account. Our suggestion is to distribute your uploads for longer time range to avoid uploading more then 50 videos per hour. Thanks, Video Indexer Team.
    Posted by Hidden Mon, 20 Jan 2020 15:11:19 GMT
    Hi Video Indexer team, thanks for the reply! Is the limitation only for trial account or is it the same for paid subscription too?
    Posted by Hidden Thu, 23 Jan 2020 09:25:45 GMT
    Applies for paid subscription too generally speaking. However if you plan to onboard with paid subscription and need large scale of indexing, we've worked before with big customers to help with the scaling plans. As a paying customer you may open Azure support ticket ( and specify your expeccted scale, or contact your Azure field manager if you have such.
    Posted by Hidden Thu, 23 Jan 2020 10:02:18 GMT

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