Video thumbnail dimension issue

Hey, due to my bussiness model I have to upload cropped videos to Video Indexer with aspect ration of 1:1 square, the problem is when I download the thumbnail for a video its returning an image with 16:9 aspect ration having extra black sides. Is there any option in Video Indexer to get the thumbnail having the same dimensions as the uploaded video? The thumbnail i downloaded is attached below.



    Hi there! The resolution of video thumbnails is always 384x216. Your videos will be stretched/shrinked to accommodate this. As an workaround, you can invoke the Get Video Artifacts Download Url method on your video using the KeyframesThumbnails parameter. This should provide you with a download link to a zip file containing images from your video at its native resolution. You can then resize them however needed without the added black padding.
    Posted by Hidden Wed, 10 Jun 2020 12:51:37 GMT

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