Search operators?

Are there any search operators available? I couldn't found documentation about this - from trying out I didn't had the impresseion there are ones. I'm thinking about usual query search operators AND/OR/NOT or might be NEARBY etc. Additinal type tags for searches like (NamedPerson:"John Lee Hooker" AND Transcript:"Sars-Cov-9") after:2022-03-10 would be great as well.


    Hi, no, there are no search operations. You can either query on a give set of text scopes (e.g. transcript, ocr, topics, etc) and/or filter by a given type of field (e.g. face, animated character, etc). If you would like additional abilities, please add them in our user voice:
    Posted by Hidden Fri, 03 Jul 2020 17:15:59 GMT

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