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Get a rich set of business insights of your video and audio files in a shared timeline and readable format.
Easily extract your insights, no heavy lifting integration or machine learning knowledge needed.

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Getting started with Azure Video Analyzer for Media API


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Create an account and Sign up for the API then get an access token.


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Add your media content using our API call below
or manually using the Video Indexer portal.


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Get insights in a readable JSON file through a single API call or the Video Indexer portal.

Visit the Azure Video Analyzer for Media portal

Get familiar with Video Indexer's capabilities before testing our API.

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Get a rich set of insights with just one API call



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About us

Azure Video Analyzer for Media enables anyone with a large archive of video and audio files to automatically extract a vast set of business insights from their content, with no prior machine learning knowledge, heavy integration efforts or manual tagging needed. With just one API call, you can run a full pipeline of pre-trained fully integrated machine learning models on your content and receive the results in a human readable JSON format, on a shared timeline, in order to leverage them for deep search, accessibility and different monetization scenarios. You can also choose to embed widgets to present those business insights in your applications with minimal effort.


2018 IABM Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award®, Design and Innovation


2018 BaM AWARD® winner in the Manage category